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The Surf Air Express

The next generation of Surf Air

Once a membership club available only to a niche group of frequent business fliers, Surf Air has evolved into a service for anyone in need of a better flying solution. Stop dealing with the hassles of commercial airlines and join us in the movement for easy and efficient air travel.


What is the Surf Air Express?

This membership offers Surf Air's most affordable solution yet. With the ability to purchase per-seat flights for as low as $500 one-way, the Surf Air experience is now open to fliers that don’t need a monthly All-You-Can-Fly subscription. With prices comparable to business and upper class, you'll never wait in another line or wade through another crowd again.

Membership Pricing & Details

Annual membership fee


per year

As low as


Per one-way flight

The annual membership guarantees:

??Flat rate per-seat pricing
??No cancellation or change fees
??Access to member perks
??Discounted rates at Hotel Collection
??Exclusive member events
??Around the clock customer service

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The Surf Air Express Network

Surf Air Express members enjoy access to all destinations.

  • - Lake Tahoe

  • - Los Angeles

  • - San Francisco

  • - Santa Barbara

  • - Dallas

  • - Austin

  • - Houston

Frequently asked questions

What makes Surf Air better than commercial airlines?

Commercial air travelers have grown accustomed to the complicated, cumbersome, and expensive processes of today’s flying experience. The tedious comparison shopping, delayed flight traffic, and endless congestion at commercial airports—all result in valuable time and money lost. But we say no more.

With Surf Air, Members can enjoy an entirely new, better way to fly. We give travelers freedom, efficiency, and exceptional service. Unlimited flights, 30-second booking, and a new and easy arrive-and-fly process comes with every membership. This is how flying should be.

What is the Surf Air Express Network?

The Surf Air Express Network is the flight schedule and routes for all Surf Air Express members at the more affordable pricing. With access to the majority of the entire flight schedule, Surf Air Express members can enjoy every route we currently serve. Plus, all access flights are always available for $645 one-way to enjoy the entirety of the flight schedule.

How much does it cost?

Each one-way flight is priced at $445. If you purchase a package of up to 10 flights, the per one-way cost is lowered to as low as $345 per one-way. There is a recurring annual membership fee of $2,500.

Why is there a $2,500 annual membership fee?

Surf Air, at it’s core, is a membership club. The $2,500 annual fee enhances the Surf Air Express membership in several ways. It guarantees flat rate flight pricing, grants access to exclusive member perks and discounts at the Surf Air Hotel Collection, and no cancellation or change fees.

What are the plans for expansion?

We’re constantly looking where to expand next. Most immediately, the Surf Air Express Network is planning to open up to Mammoth Lakes, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Horseshoe Bay, and more! Plus, we’ll add flights to special events and concerts.