In-Flight Experience

  • What in-flight amenities are on Surf Air flights?

    Flying is comfortable with Surf Air. Each of the Pilatus PC-12s is equipped with business-class seating where every seat is both a window and an aisle. There are also complementary snacks and drinks (alcohol included) on every flight.

  • How many seats are on Surf Air flights?

    Scheduled Surf Air flights operated with PC-12’s have 8 passenger seats. Partner Network flights use a variety of aircraft types and sizes.

  • How many bags may I bring?

    Members may bring multiple pieces of baggage so long as the total weight does not exceed 30 pounds and the total outside measurements do not exceed 44 linear inches.

  • Can I bring a child on a Surf Air flight?

    Yes. Children two and under may sit on the lap of a parent or guardian and do not require the purchase of an additional seat.

  • What is the Partner Network?

    The Surf Air Partner Network is the collection of routes accessible via all Surf Air memberships that are operated by our trusted, F.A.A part 135 operating partners. As a Surf Air Member, you’ll have access to hundreds of additional flights to choose from with the same great service of a regular Surf Air scheduled flight.

  • How old does my child need to be to board a Surf Air flight alone?

    Children over the age of 15 are permitted to fly unaccompanied by an adult on Surf Air flight and over the age of 14 for partner network flights. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult with written permission from the child’s legal guardian(s).

  • Can I bring a pet on a Surf Air flight?

    Registered service animals are permitted on Surf Air flights. To request to bring other animals on a Surf Air flight please email

  • How does the Surf Air community work?

    At Surf Air you aren’t just a passenger; you’re a valued member. We strive to create an exclusive and very real community of travelers enjoying a new and better way to travel—a community where personal relationships are nurtured and fostered. With Surf Air, you’re part of a cultivated community that can benefit your life beyond your everyday flying experience.

  • What type of aircraft for the flights?

    Our third-party operating partners fly the Pilatus PC-12, a beautiful, eight-seat executive aircraft with custom-designed interiors by Bespoken New York—so you’ll always have a spacious and comfortable leather seat. In addition, the Surf Air Partner Network operates a variety of F.A.A. certified aircraft more suitable for their respective missions.

  • Are the aircraft loud?

    Our aircraft are quieter than many private jets; inside our aircraft, you’ll be able to sleep, work, or comfortably talk with your fellow Members and guests.

  • Who flies the aircraft?

    Surf Air’s third-party aircraft operators have pilots who have graduated from the best aviation universities and have flown thousands of passengers on commercial, military, charter, and private aircraft. We’ve partnered with operators who select each of their pilots based on their experience, unwavering commitment to safety, desire to be the absolute best in the field, and passion for genuine personal service. What’s more, all Surf Air scheduled service flights always fly with two pilots.

  • Is there a restroom on the aircraft?

    Yes. There is a small private restroom on each of our Surf Air scheduled PC-12 aircraft. Candidly, on an aircraft of this size we recommend keeping it vacant and for emergency use only. Please reach out to Member Services for amenities for On Demand charter aircraft.

  • Will I have WiFi on the aircraft?

    Not currently, but our airports have complimentary WiFi service.

  • What if my flight gets canceled due to weather?

    Despite our most valiant efforts, we cannot control the weather. Weather may cause disruptions; for instance, the Santa Ana winds may blow or the coastal fog may roll in, preventing safe travel. Our third-party operators will do their best to make up the time, but cannot guarantee that flights will occur as planned, and safety will always be the priority.

Are the aircraft loud?

Our aircraft are quieter than many private jets; inside our aircraft, you’ll be able to sleep, work, or comfortably talk with your fellow Members and guests.